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The way back from burnout


Sand what should you do when you're stressed, overwhelmed and feel like you're about to walk into a wall? 

Perhaps you struggle with anxiety or sleep problems, feel depressed or sense hopelessness?

What do you do when you have physical aches and pains that you suspect are related to how you feel mentally?

Or maybe you're already burnt out and wondering how to get out of here? Who will help you on the way back?

My experience is that you are basically alone in this. 

Perhaps you are lucky and have a skilled and empathetic GP who follows you up and offers you advice along the way and even enrolls you in some good courses in breathing or mindfulness. 

Perhaps you are one of the few who are lucky enough to get a few hours with a psychologist. You will most likely be offered some medicine to reduce symptoms such as low mood or sleep difficulties. 

Perhaps you have an understanding employer who would like to make arrangements for you even if neither of you quite knows how.

Step no. 1 is that you must decide that you will take responsibility for your own life and health. You have to decide to take back control. I'm not saying you should go against your own body, but you have to make a decision that you want to go back, just to a better and gentler way of living. Your body is not your enemy, it is your best friend. The best friend you've been ignoring and not listening to, despite the fact that over a long period of time he's been trying to make you understand that you can't go on like this. 


Step no 2 is insight and understanding of how you have ended up here. 

Step no 3 is to implement good and quick tools for sleep, relaxation and calm so that the energy reserves start to fill up again. 

Step no. 4 is to change thoughts, mindset and your inner truth that tells you that you are not good enough, can't do enough, can't be yourself because then you won't be liked and accepted by others. If you manage to change your thoughts you can control your actions and behaviour.

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If you feel that you need help and guidance to get out of burnout and long for a body that works, inner peace and a balance between private life and work, you can sign up for one of my online programs where you get personal follow-up.  ;

This is what our customers say

Christina - a unique person who has helped me in so many ways. Both mentally and physically.

Christina has enormous expertise and works in a fantastic way to tackle everything that needs to be tackled ❤️

Female 38 years

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