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Christina Isdahl

My name is Christina Isdahl, I am the owner of Fin Balanse and work as a Mental Trainer and Stress Therapist. I am also trained in Hypnotherapy (approved by the Directorate of Health and the American Board of Hypnotherapy), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and the internationally recognized method EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I am also a trained yoga teacher in Yin Yoga, Classical Yoga and Yoga Nidra and I also have several trainings in healing, as well as in meditation, breathing and mindfulness. I am a qualified Massage Therapist and am taking further training to become a Muscle Therapist.


I specialize in stress management and helping people who have been burnt out, hit the wall or are still struggling with exhaustion after illness. I have a unique ability to find the root cause of challenges, i.e. I go deeper than just working with the symptoms and I work holistically. This means that I have a holistic approach when it comes to physical ailments and mental and emotional challenges. In today's society, we tend to separate symptoms, as if we are either our body or our mind, but we all know that it is connected. Therefore, the human being as a whole must also be treated, or preferably given the opportunity to be able to help himself. 


A large part of the work is about reversing thought patterns and learning how to take control of thoughts and thus take control of emotions and actions. I believe in helping others and helping myself. When we acquire knowledge and insight, we can take responsibility for our own life and health, which is significantly more empowering than when we pass the responsibility on to the therapist. A good English word for the work we do together with the customer is empowerment. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines empowerment in health promotion work as "a process that enables people to have greater control over factors that affect their health".


I therefore prefer to teach rather than treat because I see the value of teaching people how to help themselves (and those around them), how to take back their power as opposed to relinquishing responsibility to a therapist. In special circumstances, I can also provide treatment, which can then be agreed directly.


I use breathing and relaxation techniques in the teaching, so that clients learn it and can exercise and practice it at home. I hold regular yoga classes or private PT yoga classes for those who want to establish their own yoga practice at home.


I have over 15 years of experience in management, 7 years of experience as an entrepreneur and close to 25 years of experience in achieving results through the right mindset. I myself have been burned out no less than twice (!) and have had neuroborreliosis and long-covid. That's why I know very well how it feels when the body doesn't work, the head is under the arm and no matter how much willpower you use, you just can't take what you wanted or did before. 


Fortunately, today I live in balance and without much stress, despite the fact that I run a business, teach, work on several projects and have a family and children. This is because, through all my various educations and experiences, I have acquired knowledge and used good tools to handle life's challenges. And these are precisely the tools I am passionate about sharing with others who are in the same situation. 


Every year I help hundreds of people cope with life and everyday stress, find peace and change their thinking patterns/mindset for a better life. 



This is what our customers say

Everyone should have a Christina available in their life! I am a completely different person today than I was when I started the course. Thank you very much!

Female 27 years

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