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Muscle therapy / Corporate massage

Back Pain Treatment

Massage therapy for companies / Physical company massage

Physical massage is a powerful massage where we focus on problem areas where the employee experiences pain and tension, such as hips, knees, back, neck and shoulders. 


Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of sick leave, so it can be a good investment in the company. It is estimated that 1 day of sick leave costs the company NOK 2,900 per employee.

Some employees are more in need of a stress-reducing relaxation massage, which has a wonderful calming and revitalizing effect and releases the good hormones. This should not be confused with aroma massage or spa massage. Research shows that massage / relaxation can help greatly to activate the body's system to overcome stress. It also contributes to increased concentration and general well-being. Prolonged stress can lead to serious illness and measures such as this can reduce sickness absence and increase well-being at work.     


Massage therapy and corporate massage are intended to prevent musculoskeletal problems and to release tension in muscles primarily in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs and head. These are ailments and discomforts that often affect employees in sedentary occupations or with repetitive movement patterns.  Stress-reducing relaxation massage helps the immune system, relieves pain in the body, provides better sleep, and provides better stress management. In both forms of massage, we focus on stimulating blood circulation and increasing energy levels throughout the body. 


Deductible for employer. The employees are not taxed for the benefit. The company records the expenses in its accounts, and corporate massage has the same tax-related framework conditions as other corporate health services. The prerequisite is that the massage treatments are offered to all employees and are preventive.



Corporate massage is performed on a bench and the treatment is adapted to individual needs. We use a neutral oil and all therapists are of course bound by confidentiality. There is 30 minutes per employee and a minimum of 10 employees per time (or 60 minutes and 5 employees) or a fixed price. Some companies pay part of the cost and deduct the rest from the salary. Other companies, like in the public sector, make it so that the employees have to pay themselves, but the employer allows treatment to take place during working hours and at the workplace. 



First, we arrange a free trial session for you who are HR managers in the company. We then agree which days of the week or month and how many treatments per visit your company should have. Basically, there are 10 treatments per visit at least once a month, or possibly 5 treatments x 60 minutes if there is a need. 



We come to your work premises with a massage bench and all the necessary equipment for the treatment. Otherwise, we can arrange fixed times at the clinic at Straume. 

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HR manager 

"The treatments seem to help and especially the employees who receive regular treatment express that their neck and back have improved a lot."
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