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Meditation / Breathing / Energy work


Meditation is a mental practice and a state of calm, where the mind is allowed to rest and completely disconnect. Meditation is a stress-relieving way to relax, where we allow our thoughts to flow freely. 


We consciously direct our attention to certain things, such as breathing, sound/music or certain body parts. Meditation changes the balance between the signaling substances in the brain, so that it secretes greater amounts of the happiness hormone dopamine, and less of the stress hormones. This means that you feel both more relaxed and happier.


In the beginning it is unfamiliar to most people and meditation requires practice. Therefore, it may be beneficial to participate in guided meditations or to practice it together with a teacher in the beginning. The goal of meditation can be to achieve physical and mental well-being, increased mental capacity, expanded awareness and a stronger connection to intuition.



The breath is important in both meditation, yoga and EFT. When we work with the breath, we can release anger and frustration, and it is, above all, an important tool in handling and coping with stress.


Everyone can breathe, but many who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression breathe in the upper part of the lungs, in the chest region. This causes most of the blood supply to come from the lower part of the lungs, and less oxygen is transported in the blood.

Correct breathing gives energy and actually cleanses the body.


Learn some onedress breathing exercises that you can use for the rest of your life when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, sad or want to sleep better. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


EFT is a kind of emotional version of acupuncture (without needles) where we tap on points on the body's meridians while directing attention to a specific problem or feeling.


EFT is based on the theory that the cause of all negative emotions is due to disturbances in the body's energy system. With the help of EFT, the energy system can be balanced and disturbances/blockages removed. Often the problem and depression disappear, anxieties are neutralized and physical pains and problems alleviated or removed.


EFT is very different from conventional therapeutic practice, which is why we see that EFT often works where other treatments have failed.


This basic method is very easy to use, is completely harmless and can be learned by most people. Although we are by nature skeptical of everything that is foreign and seems hocus pocus, this is a very effective technique for handling emotions, which is used by millions of people in the world, also in schools and kindergartens.


Meditation, breathing techniques and EFT are powerful and effective tools to manage stress and calm the nervous system, thoughts and the whole body. All three techniques help you deal with emotions, which you basically want to get better at handling instead of pushing them away or suppressing them. 



You are most welcome to learn more about meditation, breathing and EFT in our clinics in Straume and Hellesøy. We work individually or in groups. If you are located elsewhere in the country or the world, we can also teach online. 



We calculate 60 minutes for individual consultation and training and 120 minutes for group training. 



All training is held either on our premises or online. 

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