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Hypnotherapy /
Mental training


Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) is a very relaxed and pleasant state in which the door to the unconscious mind is opened, so that we can influence it to achieve what we want. 


In our unconscious mind are experiences, protection and instinct and it is not always that this harmonizes with our conscious thoughts and desires. We notice this especially when we try to cut out a bad habit, lose weight or when we react "irrationally" to a fear such as a phobia or fear of flying. When the conscious and the unconscious mind want the same thing, it is much easier to bring about changes.

Hypnotherapy must not be confused with stage hypnosis where the aim is apparently to make a person do unexpected things or feel that they are not in control of the situation. In hypnotherapy you are in control at all times, and instead we use the opportunity to influence the unconscious mind in the best possible way so that you can achieve what you want.


Many do not even feel that they are particularly hypnotized but express that it is more like a dream-like relaxed state from which they hardly want to come out.


The reason for this is that hypnosis is considered to be one of the most relaxed states, like a very deep meditation or REM sleep where the brain's frequency, brain waves fluctuate in the theta spectrum and we are still receptive to external influences/suggestions/suggestions.


Research shows that when the brain waves are in the theta spectrum, we are able to reduce stress and anxiety, ensure deeper relaxation, feel more mentally "clear", achieve better creativity, etc. 

You get the hypnosis file with you so that you can continue to listen to the file and thus ensure changes over time as repetition is important for success.  

Mental training


In elite sports, the development of mental skills is considered as important as the physical training. This is no accident, as our mental skills contribute to our success or failure depending on how we use them.


We humans have an incredible potential that the vast majority of people do not take full advantage of. With the right tools, mental training can ensure that you perform better, reach the goals you set and that you maintain your motivation over time.


Problems with procrastination and self-sabotage are something most people are familiar with, but this can be avoided when we remove resistance in the unconscious mind.


In recent years, I have spent an incredible amount of time, money and resources studying and learning the mindset of the very best in the world. So that you can learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, actions and thereby your behaviour.   


Hypnotherapy is known to be used in the treatment of stress disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, poor self-esteem/self-image, phobias, addiction, weight reduction because the client enters a deeply relaxing state where we influence the unconscious mind so that you can achieve your goals.  


The hypnotherapist who carries out the treatments has extensive experience and is himself trained by two of the leading and best-known hypnotherapists in Norway and the world respectively. 

Mental training helps you manage your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can change your behavior - completely. You can actually decide exactly how you want your life to be. 



The first treatment/consultation normally lasts 120 minutes and then there are usually 90 minute treatments after that. 



The treatment takes place in our clinic in Straume or Hellesøy, or online where you sit at home in your own comfort zone.

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