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From burnt out and on long-term sick leave to a life in balance

For managers who have been on sick leave for more than 6 months! Duration 3+3 months. VIP - few places.  

Results-oriented learning

For those of you who have a managerial position (with or without personnel responsibility), have been on long-term sick leave for more than 6 months with burnout and want to return to work. You have tried for a long time on your own but without much progress. Time is running out with regards to  the sick pay will soon end and you feel physically and mentally absolutely not ready to return to work even if the will is there. The course is designed for you to get back to work within 3 months, but you have extended access and follow-up for 3 extra months.


Do it with others

We have ongoing admissions, but there are few places and interested participants must fill out an application form and conduct an interview in advance. We do not guarantee that everyone will get in, but we try to help as many as possible at all times. 


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