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Fine Balance Stress management centre

Fin Balanse Stress Management Center is a unique offer where we help people to a better life by achieving holistic balance in both body and mind. Because we are not just the physical or the mental, everything is connected. 


If you are stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, sleep badly, have hit the wall or are struggling with exhaustion after a previous illness (lung covid, Lyme disease etc) then you are most welcome to us. We welcome customers in our premises at Straume outside Bergen or right out in the sea gap on Hellesøy. We also work with people all over the world online. Our goal is to help people help themselves. 


Most people struggle with stress to a greater or lesser extent throughout their lives, but for some it becomes so overwhelming that it results in illness. We offer company agreements for both preventive help and for the employees who need it now.


We offer massage therapy for companies and a range of other services to reduce sickness absence related to stress. The treatments then take place outside the company. We basically cover Øygarden, Askøy and Bergen municipality. Apart from that, separate agreements can be entered into.   

If you want everyday tips on how to reduce stress in your life, you are most welcome to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. 


If you want advice and guidance and to be part of a group that has the same challenges and goals as you, you are most welcome to participate in one of our popular online programs. 

Ønsker du 5 enkle tips til hvordan du raskt kan redusere stress i livet ditt?
Legg igjen din kontaktinformasjon så tar jeg kontakt for en prat med konkrete tips til deg. 

Takk for din henvendelse! Jeg tar kontakt i løpet av kort tid



This is what the customer saysours:

Christina is incredibly easy to talk to! I never thought I would feel so safe and relaxed with a therapist. And then I like that she makes me understand myself better. 

Woman 55 years

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