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Stress management school / Sleep school


Stress management school


Stress management school - Level 1 Less stress, more joy!

Duration7 weeks.

For those of you who are tired of being stressed and not feeling like you are in the driver's seat of your own life. You are not on sick leave from work, but you feel that you are living a life that is not entirely yours and you long for JOY. You understand that in any case you have to take responsibility for your own life and progress and are willing to do the work to succeed. The course takes place online or in groups with physical attendance at Straume outside Bergen. The course lasts 6 weeks. We take in participants on an ongoing basis. .

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Stress management school - Level 2

Fromover wellthat to profitd! 

Duration 12 weeks. 

For those of you who have met the wall, have been on sick leavet for less than 6 months and want help to change their lives and not end up in the same situation again, all occupational groups. You are willing to take responsibility for your own life and progress, have tried for a while on your own, but feel overwhelmed and confused. You want help from a stress therapist and a community with others who are in the same situation, but understand that you have to do the work to succeed. The course is online with weekly follow-up by the Mental Trainer via video conference or in a group with physical attendance at Straume outside Bergen. The course lasts 12 weeks. 

Stress management school - Level 3

Fra burnt out and long-term illmcooked to alife in balance! (VIPfto place) 12+12 weeks.

For you who have a managerial position (med or without personnel responsibility), has been on long-term sick leave for more than 6 months of burnout and want you back at work. You have tried for a long time on your own but without much progress. Time is running out with regards to  the sick pay is about to end and you feel physically and mentally absolutely not ready to return to work even if you want toJen is there. The course is designed for you to get back to work within 3 months, but you have extended access and follow-up for 3 extra months. Get places, individual follow-up and group coaching either online or in person at Straume outside Bergen.

We have lopen admission, but few places and interested participants must fill out an application form and complete an interview in advance. We do not guarantee that everyone will get in, but we try to help as many as possible at all times. 


Better sleep, better lifeesterification!

Duration 7 weeks

This course is suitable for those who struggle to sleep without tablets, who either have problems falling asleep or with at you wake up at night and lie awake. It is for you who feel that you are miserable at sleeping, have sheetscranky and maybe even that just the thought of sleeping stresses you out. You may wake up tired in the morning and never feel fully rested.Stress is sleep's biggest enemy and therefore many of our customers struggle with poor sleep, which was the reason I created the course in the first place.


In the course you gain insight into what sleep is and why it is important, you find out why you sleep poorly, you learn about how the body works and follow a step-by-step program on how you can create new healthy sleep habits that give you better coping in most areas. 


The sleep school gives you insight, training and an opportunity to change habits in the long term. I would say that you, like me, learn to sleep. The course is based on my own personal experience with 30+ years of poor sleep that was "cured" 3 years ago, my clients' experiences and solid (latest and updated) theory at the bottom. In addition to training videos, you get to follow the Sleep School with a diary, worksheets and assignments. The course also includes a meditation file, a hypnosis file and some very good breathing exercises. The course costs NOK 7,000 and we take in participants continuously. 


The sleep school runs online with weekly follow-up from the Mental Trainer via video meeting or in a group with physical attendance at Straume outside Bergen.  

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When you go to a therapist, you give up responsibility and depend on another person to fix you. This is how it has become in today's society and if it is something urgent, we are of course very lucky to have it this way. But when it comes to stress, lifestyle diseases and sleep, there is a lot we can do ourselves. In fact, we can do far more than just suppress symptoms, we can do something about the root cause so that we don't end up in the same situation again. When you gain insight, learn, take control and change your life, you are suddenly in the driver's seat again. Therefore, I much rather recommend training than just treatment. Here you have an opportunity to learn tools that you can use for the rest of your life. 



The stress management school is adapted to different levels and different stages.

So you don't need to take level 1 first and then 2 to take level 3.'


It's more about how you feel right now, where you are and what you need now.


If you are, for example, a manager and feel that you are at level 2, that you have hit the wall and have been on sick leave for a few months, then it is not the same as being completely burnt out and not knowing how to manage to get back on work in a short time, even if you want to.


If you have not met the wall but you just feel that you want to make a change and find joy and motivation again, then you are at level 1 and then that course suits you best.


This year, the sleep school has been extended to 7 weeks to ensure that everyone makes a lasting change during the course. All training and courses have the same thing in common, there is no change unless you do the work of watching the videos, doing the tasks and every week there is personal follow-up from the Mental Trainer where you can ask questions about things you wonder about/struggle with . 



We accept new participants for all courses continuously. 



The course is online and you can choose when you want to watch the videos and do the assignments. We recommend that you set aside 30 minutes to watch the video + 30 minutes to do the tasks each day. You can also choose to attend the school with physical attendance at Straume outside Bergen.

All courses also include weekly follow-up from the Mental Trainer, which is agreed directly with the course participant. 

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