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Bedre søvn, bedre livsmestring!

Bli kjent med din indre klokke og lær deg å sove en gang for alle! Varighet 6 uker.

Results-oriented learning

Record your habits and your behavior in a sleep diary, understand why you do not sleep optimally, get lots of good tips and advice so that you can facilitate better sleep, change your behavior and improve your sleep hygiene. Learn to sleep in 6 weeks and use it for the rest of your life. 


Do it with others

You can and probably know most of it already, but it is of little help if you do not use it or implement it. When you participate in the sleep school, you are part of a community with others who are in the same situation as you. In addition, you can get help and advice on specific issues in our weekly online live Q&A on Mondays at 19.   


Course start 23/10/23 Price NOK 3333 per participant. 

Jeg ønsker å melde meg på men vil heller betale med vipps i stedet for kort

Takk for bestillingen!

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